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Direct Payment via ACH Authorization

Direct Payment via ACH is the transfer of funds from a checking/savings account for the purpose of making a payment. I authorize Gigabit Business Consulting LLC to electronically debit the following account (and, if necessary, electronically credit the account to correct erroneous debits) as follows:

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I authorize debit amounts on a one-time and recurring basis per signed orders and/or signed statements of work. I agree that ACH transactions I authorize comply with all applicable law. I understand that this authorization will remain in full force and effect until I notify Gigabit Business Consulting LLC in writing, by mail, to 240 N East Promontory Ste 200, Farmington, Utah 84025, that I wish to revoke this authorization. I understand that Gigabit Business Consulting LLC requires at least three (3) business days’ prior notice in order to cancel this authorization.


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